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My name is Konstantin, I am a web designer with my team, and our task is as follows...

Website development


My name is Konstantin, and I have been working in the field of web and graphic design since 2019.

During this time, I have assembled an excellent development team with more than two years of development experience. We have experience in developing both simple landing pages and multi-page websites, as well as in designing other systems.
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I am a designer and part-time head of a great team)
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Online store and service for the delivery of goods from IKEA

It's a pity Ikea doesn't work anymore

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Driving school website

the best in design and the best in the drom rating

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Website-menu for coffee shops

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What we do depends on what you're asking for: D Most of the time we work to make your brand awesome digitally across the board.

You are working to ensure that your customer is satisfied with working with you, and we make sure that they have a great experience whenever they look at your product digitally.
How we work
I am a designer and part-time head of a great team)



After signing the contract, we proceed to the analytics stage.

Here we define the main target audience, as well as their familiar services and sites.

We analyze competitors, identify the strengths and weaknesses of their scenarios, conduct a visual analysis of your field and assemble it into a single system to form a structure in the future.

We call each other, discuss the goals and objectives of the project.

After that, I will prepare a commercial offer with full information about the conditions and scope of work (Terms of Reference).

We with you define the platform, agree on the cost and move on to the next stage.


UX/UI development

Design and adaptivity

In order to get into the mood of the project, we collect references and a mudboard (images related to the project, reflecting the overall temperature and the message).

After approval, we proceed to the creation of the design concept of the main page. We record a video presentation for you, after which we discuss the adjustments (if any) and approve the concept.

After the approval of the main page, we proceed to the design of the remaining pages.

We have collected all the data, it’s time to start designing the structure of the site and forming scripts familiar to the user.

The new site for the user should be familiar, from this it becomes convenient.

If the client is intuitively familiar with the functionality on the site, then he will not come out of it so quickly.



Upon completion of the build, we fill, configure and test all the functionality of the site before launching it.

We check all the connected integrations, pass a test for errors and pass the site to you for a preliminary check.

When everything is approved, we will prepare instructions, collect all accesses in a single document and send it to you.

At the end of the project, we are ready to help with any questions that arise.

content filling and release

When we are done with the design and have approved all the pages, we will proceed to the layout on the previously selected platform.

This stage most often occurs locally on the programmer’s device, so we will inform you about the progress of the work.

If it’s a tilde, then we will always be able to publish a working version so that you can observe the process.

Build on the platform

We are asked — we answer

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